【Player Strategy】Building Placement and Infinite T




1.Arranging Buildings in Limited Land

As land expansion requires a lot of Gitcoins, minimizing empty space is our top priority. By reflecting the buildings, we can stack up compatible shapes as shown in the pictures below. For a more aesthetic look, try to create symmetrical stacks of buildings with similar color tone.




Separate the buildings into a few regions allows you to collect more efficiently.





For example, I split it into Production, Recreational and Residential areas. For the production area, I arrange craft and process buildings with reference to their production process. (Such as Sinter Plant → Steel Mill → Steel Refinery).


For the residential area, I put apartments together so it is easier to arrange which cybroid to live in. You may take a look at my way to arrange in the pictures below.




2.Infinite Tower Tips

The building strategies for the Control Center and Collection gallery are similar. Just like in Tetris, we can rotate the modules to make use of every grid.




For the Control Center, I personally recommended choosing Carnival of Characters. Because the blocks are mostly 5 grid large and all the shapes are similar, so it's much easier to stack them together.