【Player Strategy】Attack order and Combat talents s





Every cyberoid has 2 talents, one can be upgraded with evolutions chips, and the other will improve with evolutions. You can obtain evolution chips in the order center, shard shop, minigame shop, and events.




Some talents affect only certain rounds of the battle, so it's important to swap team members during combat to keep doing a lot of damage. 


For example, Boom Sis will deal more damage during the first round, Ichijiku will deal more damage in the second and fifth rounds, and so on. Boom Sis - Ichijiku - Kay - Viktor - Ichijiku is a good attack order for beginners, you can use Time too if you don't have better options.


If you happen to get 4th generation cyberoid like Estella or Adrian, use them, they are much stronger than other generations.


Prioritize the upgrade of your Transportation Hub to progress in harder stages. If you are having a hard time against boss monsters try to upgrade the level of your team members, and implant chips with health or attack.


It's important to have patience in this game since you won't be able to beat every boss instantly, take it slow and have fun.