【Player Strategy】Order Center - Maximize Your Inco




What is Order Center? Order Center is a feature that opens at Lv4, It gives Tasks for the Player to collect Materials, and in exchange Players will get Rewarded, GitCoin reward Scaled with Player Level (higher level = more GitCoin). You could watch ads to increase the +5 Order Limit or use 20 Crystal to increase the +10 Limit order after you complete the Quota for that Day. It's reset at 00:00 GMT+8.




For now, there are 3 Types of Tasks that have been given in the Order Center:

1. Normal Order

It's the Basic Task that asks just Material that is easy to get from Production Building but the Rewards it gives are basic too




2. Rare Order

it's Advance Task that need not only Material from production but it needs Items from Adventure Map too (Mushroom, Iron Ore, Oak Tree), of course, it's still not that hard to complete and the Rewards are more satisfying.



3. Special Order

It's rarer than Rare Order to find but honestly it's doesn't worth as much as it doesn't give Exp, but it is easy to complete as this order only required 1 material, I don't know if this special order is Event-based that will change or just Permanent


So how to maximize the income we gain from Order Center?

We just need to get all the Rare Order, use feature Give Up to reset the order if you don't find Rare Order. Give Up doesn't count to your daily completion so you could use it multiple times but it takes 30 minutes for the new order to appear.

Is it Worth the Wait for 30 mins? Yes, as it gives 30 Exp and almost 4 times GitCoin more than a normal order. Just make sure you do all the Quota for The Day!