【Player Strategy】Beginner's Guide - Translated fro





[1] Order Station is available at Lv.3, which has three types of orders: Normal orders (regular advanced chips, gitcoins), Purple orders (high-level advanced chips, gitcoins), and Special orders (random VR boxes, gitcoins).

All three types give gitcoins, but special orders do not give experience, only gitcoins and random VR boxes.

In the early stages, prioritize special orders. Once the VR Gallery and Trade Station are unlocked later on, you won't need to focus on them as much. Regular orders are more valuable in the mid-term when you are short on regular advanced chips.

Before reaching Base Level 7, follow the main quests and complete orders (don't worry about order types as you won't encounter purple orders before Level 7, although there is a possibility). Finish them when you need to and don't rush to complete orders just for the sake of leveling up. After reaching Lv.7, unlock the Transport Hub first, because it allows you to collect resources in the wild. You need them to complete some purple orders,


[2] Crystals have various uses. On the first day, you can use crystals to increase the Order Station's capacity, but after that, it's not necessary. Increasing the capacity by 10 orders is not significant.

Crystals can be used to upgrade the Order Station, purchase needles for the Rescue Center, and upgrade the Hospital based on your needs (no need to maximize it, just make sure it's sufficient).

Prioritize buying the "Marvel" car in the Trading Station for 2250 crystals because it unlocks Dispatch Events at Reputation 300. Dispatch events will be introduced in the event list apart from the existing trade events. (for example, instead of 4 trade events, it could become 3 dispatch events and 1 trade event when you reach Reputation 300). The number of events is random each time, and dispatch events take 4 hours each, so one car is not enough.

Crystals can also be used to upgrade production buildings.


[3] When you reach a certain Reputation level, the Trade Station will give you parts, but don't rush to claim them. Only claim them when you need them. Because the warehouse easily gets full.

There's a "Portet Farm" on the Trade Map where you can trigger the car exchange event which can exchange the car with 30 bearings, 30 screws, and 30 sensors. Claim the parts when you encounter this event.




[4] If you don't plan to buy the "Marvel" car, exchange the cars at the "Portet Farm" first before unlocking Area 2. Opening Area 2 expands the map and allows trade events to spawn further away.

Note: Purchase the "Gato Mask" to exchange for energy bottles in subsequent events. "Film" and "Bottle Cap" are trade items that can be exchanged.

Each location on the map has fixed events and regular events. Fixed events only occur at specific locations, while regular events refresh.


[5] When you attack a visitor, your friends cannot trade with them, which can be useful in certain situations.


[6]When encountering merchants on the map, you can trade with them. Items with a small plus sign (+) in the bottom right corner can be added to the right-side list for easy viewing.