[Activies]Game Guide Collection





Thank you for participating in the "Open Beta" event! Fake Future is filled with many interesting features such as free-style construction, and sci-fi Easter eggs. Additionally, if any of our survivors have game experience or personal creations, we will be very happy to hear from you. @Event Reminder


Event Time〓

May 9th - May 23th,2023 23:59(UTC+8)


Event Format〓

During the event period, survivors can submit their game strategies to strategy , which will be considered as participation in this event.

Go to Discord to attend: http://discord.gg/rAyFZEJwbu


Strategy Guidelines〓

The strategy guidelines include but are not limited to the following points, and the format is not limited, such as video, graphics, and text.


Trade: trading gameplay, trading skills

Social: gameplay strategies for friends

Building: high tower strategy, building placement, management

Upgrade: building upgrades, upgrades for artificial humans, prosperity upgrades

Exploration: material acquisition, route guidance

Space Station Content: recipes, space station gameplay introduction, and usage

Beginner's guide, general introduction

Other content-oriented strategies


Event Rewards〓

For players who have published game-related strategies and have been recognized by the official staff, they can receive 1000 crystal coins. With a limit of 10 players.

For all other attenders, they can receive 200 crystal coins.

Note: Players who publish multiple strategies will only be counted as a single person, and each player can only receive one reward. The official staff will send a private message to each winner after the event ends.


Strategy Requirements〓

The article needs to be over 200 words and includes at least one game screenshot. The article title should start with "[Open Beta] Game Strategy Submission".


For example: "[Open Beta] Trading - What is the function of a vehicle?"


Please strictly follow the activity content and format to participate.

Prohibited behaviors include meaningless replies, insults, etc. Once discovered, the qualification to win rewards will be canceled.

Please confirm your UID when receiving rewards. Once submitted, it cannot be modified again.

Plagiarism of strategies is strictly prohibited and plagiarized content will be considered invalid.

If the winning survivor does not contact the staff within 7 working days after the event ends, it will be considered a forfeit.

The final interpretation of this event belongs to the "Open Beta" official team.