[Activies]Fake Future Fan Art Collection





Dear survivors!


We are thrilled to announce that Fake Future will officially launch on May 9th! And now the Fake Future Fan Art Collection Event has begun! Show whatever you want to express in your creations. Let's explore the future of artificial intelligence and humanity together!

!! Each participator who has received 10 reactions of " " will get 5 Limited-Time R&D Cards!!


Event Duration:

2023/05/09–2023/05/31 23:59 (UTC+8)



Post your original fan art in the #fanart channel in our Discord. Drawings, cosplay, videos, music, and animation works are counted.

Discord: http://discord.gg/rAyFZEJwbu


Event rewards:

During the event, all the reactions of " " received by the work will be counted towards our interactive ranking. The top three participators in the interactive ranking will win the Outstanding Creation Award. The 4-10th participators in the ranking will win the Excellent Creation Award, and we will choose other 5 participators to be the Creative Star Award winners.

PS: We will use the total number of " " as the only valid benchmark for interaction to evaluate. The top ten interactive ranking winners won’t be the winner of the Creative Star Award.


Outstanding Creation Award (3 winners): Crystal coins*3000

Excellent Creation Award (7 winners): Crystal coins*2000

Creative Star Award (5 winner): Crystal coins*1000

Participator who has received 10 reactions of " " : Limited-Time R&D Cards*5



1. The publishing art content should relate to the Fake Future worldview or characters. Not related content (including but not limited to advertisement links and other means of publicity) is prohibited.

2. Your submission must be original work. Plagiarism, misappropriation, and other actions that violate others' copyright are strictly prohibited. If there is a quote or a need for authorization, please cite the sources and make sure to obtain authorization.

3. One survivor can submit multiple works under the same account for this event, but only one reward (corresponding to your highest-ranking work) will be issued.

4. Participating in this event allows the Fake Future development team to publish and exhibit your work on public platforms.

5. After the list of winning entries is announced, if survivors have any objection to the prize-winning works, you can give feedback to us. If a prize-winning work is suspected of violating the event rules, we will revoke the prize.

6. The Fake Future development team will select the Creative Star Award based on various criteria for this event.


Can't wait to see all the incredible artwork about the future life from talented fans around the world. Let your creativity soar!